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Choose BGE short-tern winter or summer schooling program and camp, to experience the American school system and education.

Apply and attend private high school in the United States, live with local American host families, obtain a high school diploma.

BGE professional consultants and staff will provide detailed college application plan and support, to help you get into your dream college.

BGE Student Case and Feedback

High School Application


Student Name  I Jessy Guo

Accept School  I Christopher Dock Mennonite

Starting Date  I 11th Grade

“In the two years of BGE, the teachers have taken care of me. I not only gave me supervision and guidance in my studies, but also gave us great concern in life and health. I am very glad to have chosen BGE”


                                            ----- Jessy Guo

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CSIET(Council onStandards of International Educational Travel) is the regulator of the American International Education Exchange Program, which aims to build a safe and valuable study environment for young international students. Organizations that want to obtain CSIET certification need to comply with the strict standards of the institution, including assisting students to apply for schools, recruiting qualified homes, taking over the custody of students in the United States, and responsible for post-management, to ensure the highest quality and safest services.

NACAC Certified

Founded in 1937, the American College Admissions Counseling Association (NACAC) is a non-profit organization that is the most authoritative and influential university admissions consulting industry in the United States. It consists of American college admissions officers, high school admissions instructors, and independent education consultants. Non-government associations, which are committed to providing quality services to students in their choice of higher education.

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